A fine old piano deserves an encore

Your piano is like a member of the family, bringing the gift of music to each generation.
Though time takes a toll on every fine instrument, a quality piano can be restored—and made even better—giving you added years of enjoyment.

At McQuilkin Music, we specialize in restoring instruments with such legendary names as Steinway, Chickering and Baldwin. But your piano doesn’t have to be a concert grand to qualify for restoration. It may be the trusty upright that your grandma played, or the one you spent hours practicing on as a kid. No matter. We love bringing all family pianos back to life.

Restoration vs. Rebuilding

A full restoration includes replacing the strings, hammers and other felts as well as refinishing the case and soundboard. Rebuilding, a less extreme alternative, involves replacing only the inner workings. Most pianos don’t require restoration until they are at least 50 years old.

The Art of Restoration

It takes years of training and experience to master this skill. Musicians often make the best technicians because of their deep appreciation of a piano’s “feel” as well as its sound. Michael McQuilkin, a professional pianist, entertainer and educator, studied restoration with Leonard Jared, a renowned piano restorer, and has over 30 years of experience bringing treasured instruments back to life.

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