Music Brings Families Together

In the days following the Family Music Hour show last month, I was struck by the inflow of gratitude and thanks for this community event. While my motto has always been, “Music Brings Families Together”, I am awed each time I see it realized. In the aftermath of the show we see the connections and friendships continue as I, with my son Alexander, share photos and videos with our friends and followers on Facebook.

For the 8th Family Music Hour, we saw new faces both on stage and in the audience.

The band welcomed two new performers in guitarist Jeff Miller and fiddler Terry Shea, both Valley residents. Returning bassist, David Russ, was on stage with his daughter, Paloma. In the audience were friends Garry Graham together with his wife and family. Susan Rusche brought her family members who were visiting from out of town. A friend from the gym brought her mother who I’m told enjoyed herself thoroughly. And toddler Gina danced in the aisles all night!

From across the Bay came Greg and Leonard from GMixing to mix our sound and to record the show. Blues singer Ernest East came up from San Francisco and got us started with an opening number that received a standing ovation. It’s a joy to see how these seasoned professionals are able to work together with amateurs and, when it’s all said and done, actually want to come back and do it again! The same principle holds true for young and old, for people with special needs, for musicians and non-musicians alike. There’s something magical that happens here – that is born of the love that families have for one another, and it’s this love that draws us in ways that transcend all our differences.

As we prepare for the upcoming summer Family Music Hour, I’ll look forward to seeing regulars returning from past shows along with the not-yet-initiated who are coming for the first time.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch our documentary “Music Man” (which tells the story of the show’s beginnings) just click on the link and see for yourself.

It is true, Music Brings Families Together!

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